Baley Huser

Hello, my name is Baley Huser. I grew up in the Lake Travis area and graduated in May 2016. I was able to graduate a year early and have been traveling and doing volunteer work throughout my travels. 

I have always enjoyed school and learning, and I am excited to be pursuing education as a career.  I have been teaching at Lupine Lane since fall 2016. I began as a substitute teacher and enjoyed teaching camps as well. I then became an assistant in the 4 and 5 year old class, the Peacocks, in 2016. We had an incredible two years, full of in-depth topic studies on dinosaurs and archaeology, the human body, book-making and more. I truly enjoy guiding the children through exciting experiences as we have fun learning, creating and playing. 

In addition to assisting with the planning and execution of our topic studies, I was able to find interesting ways to integrate my knowledge of American Sign Language into every day lessons. The kids enjoyed learning to sign the alphabet, commonly used words and song lyrics.

Now, I am thrilled to bring my experience with topic studies and planning, knowledge of ASL and my love and joy for teaching children to the Hummingbirds!

In my free time, I enjoy spending time with my family, reading, hiking with my dogs, and traveling to just about anywhere. I also enjoy learning new things so I am excited to share that love with the children in my classroom!


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