There are so many wonderful resources out there on Developmentally Appropriate Practice and we reference it a lot in previous postings.  We take for granted that it seems self explanatory.  It’s really something that deserves a thorough explanation because it really is vital to best serve children on all fronts: cognitive, social/emotional, creative and physical. […]

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Hedda Sharapan, a woman who worked closely with Mr. Rogers throughout his career, sends out a wonderful newsletter each month through the Fred Rogers Center.  This month, she sent her thoughts on “The Other Transition Time” and discussed how we tend to focus heavily on the transition to school but need to equally focus on […]

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In Defense if Active Learning: Teaching Children the Way They Learn by Rae Pica Wow! Rae Pica does it again! She is always able to speak to the most developmentally approrpriate ways that we can teach in an early childhood setting so children truly learn and more importantly, have fun while doing it—which, in fact, […]

Welcome Back to School! September 2018

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I’ve never considered myself much of a builder, but when I really think about it, some of my fondest childhood memories are those involving my younger brothers and I building and, of course, destroying houses and cities made from Lincoln Logs and Legos. Building is not simply the act of stacking blocks.  In organized play, […]

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