I have some vivid memories of back in 2nd Grade at Port Colden Elementary in Washington, New Jersey. I remember sitting in bed at night with my Mom, who was an English teacher before having my brother and me. After our showers and before going to sleep, she would try to help me understand past […]

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From Ms. Lauren, Ms. Elisa and Ms. Kathryn There are times when a teacher finds a topic that allows for individual interests to emerge and flourish as each child learns and expresses themselves creatively. In the Flamingos’ class, we have worked on an Invention Topic Study several different years since it does just that: the […]

Often times, Topic Studies emerge when children take a particular interest in a facet of class or a part of a lesson that wasn’t necessarily intended to be a focal point. Great teachers are keen observers and respond accordingly by taking the opportunity to expand both in breadth and depth on their students’ innate interests. […]

From Ms. Michaela and Ms. Sally In the Peacock class, we did a Topic Study on dinosaurs during the spring semester. Several of the kids had a significant interest in prehistoric life so we decided to dig further into the subject. We started by identifying all kinds of dinosaurs and their characteristics. This included things […]

“The most courageous act is still to think for yourself. Aloud.” – Coco Chanel “If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more, and become more, you are a leader.” – John Quincy Adams Leadership skills instill confidence, help children solve problems creatively, work together as a team and work collaboratively. These […]

Ms. Linda and Ms. Madison recognized how the kiddos in their classroom this year really enjoyed expressing themselves and seemed to have a knack for theatrical performances. Their observations began to inspire an in-depth look at the theatre from understanding how to make your face show what you feel to the parts of a play/story, […]

From Ms. Kelley and Ms. Jill One of our favorite Topic Studies this year in the Penguins’ class was “Animals and Their Habitats!” Throughout the school year, my students were fascinated with animals and were constantly talking about their favorites, playing animals or “zoo” or using the various animals figurines with blocks, sensory bins and other […]

Check out this article from MIT’s School of Engineering entitled “What do Legos have to do with Engineering?” Nearly anyone can recognize that children gain an incredible amount of skills through working with Legos, whether they build something using instructions or using their own creative initiative. When you watch a child sit down with a […]

Typically in a class, there is a general interest in a “preschool-type topic” like fish, transportation (trucks, trains, etc.), community helpers, animals, dinosaurs, etc. Developmentally, these subjects really appeal to kids this age. Occasionally, one or two of the kids are really well-versed and into a particular area. This is great because their excitement for […]


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