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VIDEO – Sir Ken Robinson: Do schools kill creativity? In this thought provoking TED Talk, Sir Ken Robinson discusses how he believes creativity is as important as literacy and why.  As I think about it, from my experience, I completely agree–the skills involved in thinking creatively allow you to use academic skills to their fullest […]

Childhood isn’t a dress rehearsal for adulthood, nor is it a race. By Rae Pica In the linked article, Rae Pica discusses the affects of pushing skills onto a child that he or she is not developmentally ready for.  The opening paragraph about a Mom being asked what classes her seven month old would be […]

In the wake of the terrible events in Parkland, Florida, we are all thinking about ways we can affect change and influence these young lives and the world for the better.  While many are making valiant efforts on the political and legal scene, it seems that we as educators and parents hold more power to […]

Love is in the Air! February News

I love Teacher Tom and his incredibly thoughtful blog.  He is an experienced preschool teacher in Seattle that really strives to teach the kids to become adults in this world.  He treats the children, as adults should–with the utmost respect.  He believes each child have the knowledge and skills to do what they need to […]

Several years ago, in the beginning stages of Lupine Lane becoming a school, there was finally an opportunity to step away for a day for some continuing education in the form of a conference on play in San Antonio.  My eyes were wide and my mind was racing with possibilities while I was there and […]

NPR Interview with Angela Duckworth on Grit and the Power of Perseverance Tinkergarten Blog: What is Grit and Why is it Important for Kids? Grit – it’s the power of perseverance.  Not just persevering mindlessly and with brut force, but rather, grit is persevering with intention–it’s trying to improve something specific AND work hard.  According […]

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Think about the number of transitions in your child’s day–house to car, car to school, school to car, car to store, store to car, car to home.  That’s quite a bit and doesn’t factor in all of the transitions once these bigger transitions are made.  And, this is probably on the conservative side given the […]


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