Much of education is spent on how to make a living versus how to make a life.  Listen to then 13 year old Logan LaPlante deliver an incredible presentation on what education means to him – TEDex: Hack Schooling by Logan LaPlante, 13 Years Old When you were the age of your children or the […]

Susan Bouffard’s new book – The Most Important Year – is definitely next up on the docket.  She discusses what a thriving early childhood classroom looks like and NPR’s Claudio Sanchez interviewed her recently about her work. Getting the Most Out of Pre-K – ‘The Most Important Year’ The first point Bouffard makes about how early […]

Yes, skill based learning does have a place when children are developmentally ready for it.  And, it can be fun, interactive and playful. However, in early childhood settings, children are mostly not developmentally ready to learn passively or with pressure to perform at a certain level. We know that children love to play.  However, what […]

The Atlantic published the linked article below during the summer.  There are some incredible points to consider: Have Smart Phones Destroyed a Generation? We can all recall a time when there were no smart phones or tablets.  Some of us can even remember what it was like to not have a computer at home.  What […]

Check out this captivating short video where the folks at RSA Animate illustrates Sir Ken Robinson’s talk on Changning Education Paradigms! If you think about your experience in school, what was it like and what kind of thinking did it encourage? How do you think the model Robinson describes effected behavior? Perhaps children complied out of […]

There is an abundance of wonderful resources out there about early childhood theories and current research.  We share these with our staff as continuing education opportunities. We have also enjoyed hosting experts in early childhood development and education at our school and open the discussions to our staff as continuing ed and our families.  We […]

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