-What is tuition continuance?

Tuition continuance means that we will continue the current rate of monthly tuition (based on the five-day program) for your child to attend this summer. We will apply this to any four or eight weeks of camp or you can register for the full twelve weeks of camp this summer. We will also extend tuition continuance to any child in your family for Lupine Lane’s Miniput, Lilliput, or Travelers camps.


-What does that mean for YOU?

We want to thank those of you who return to Lupine Lane for the summer. By choosing tuition continuance you will save a minimum of $100 on four weeks of camp! Additionally, payments for tuition continuance are not due up front, so you aren’t paying for summer camps at the same time as school tuition.


-Does tuition continuance apply to extended care too?

We offer one extended care option during the summer. Children enrolled in extended care can arrive as early as 8:30am and can stay until 5:00pm. The monthly rate for this option is the equivalent of the school year’s rate for the 7:30am-4:30pm option.


-Do the weeks have to be consecutive?

No. Tuition continuance will apply to any weeks in increments of four. We will also combine weeks between siblings. For example, if you want your older child to attend three weeks of camp and your younger child to attend one week, we will still honor the five-day monthly tuition rate.


-What if I want my child to attend a number of weeks that is not in the increments of four?

The tuition continuance rate only applies to camps in increments of four, however you can register for as many camp weeks as you would like. If you choose to do a number of weeks that isn’t divisible by four, you’ll need to add on the additional weeks at the regular rate of $275/week.


-How do I register?

You register through the website, just as you would for one week. On the top portion where it asks you to place a ‘1’ next to the weeks you need, just leave all of those boxes blank (unless you need additional weeks that are not eligible for tuition continuance, in which case, see below). Go to the section titled ‘Tuition Continuance’ and check the box stating that your child is eligible for tuition continuance. If you need extended care, check the box there. Then in the blank field please enter the dates for the weeks you need.


If you need additional weeks that are not eligible for tuition continuance, go ahead and place a ‘1’ next to those weeks to complete registration at the same time.



-When do I pay?

Upon registering you will pay only the $25 registration fee for the summer. Your card will be automatically charged on the first of each month for tuition continuance, beginning on the month of your first camp.


-Can I transfer or get a refund for camps under tuition continuance?

There are no refunds for camps under the tuition continuance plan, however you may transfer to a different week. Please see our transfers and refunds page on our website for full details.


-What if I register and want to add on more weeks?

You can add camps at any time as long as they are not full. Email camps@lupinelane.com for the coupon code to zero out the $25 registration fee.

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