We are so excited to be bringing back several old favorites as Genre Camps for campers ages 6-11! Lupine Lane’s Genre Camps allow older children to focus on their primary interests.  Children will have an entire week to fully explore a subject that intrigues them.  Camp guides are experts in their field, allowing for in depth discussions of the area and a focus on developing proficient skills that children will be able to expand on and utilize after camp.

Cooking Around the World – 06/27-07/01
Chefs-in-training will take a culinary adventure across continents, exploring a different region of the world each day with Mr. Carl as Head Chef and tour guide. Children will gain experience working with unique kitchen tools and will gain an intimate understanding of foods and flavors that are associated with particular regions of the world. REGISTER HERE

Jedi Training Camp – 07/18-07/22
Imaginations will soar during this action packed week of fun and adventure! Students will develop balance and coordination through Jedi Trials/obstacle courses and games, learn self defense and hand to hand combat (based on Karate techniques), and will build their own custom lightsaber that actually lights up while training on how to wield it! Mr. Chase will guide these young “padawans” on an intergalactic journey during which they will discover and explore as much about their inner world as the outer. REGISTER HERE

Girls’ Leadership – 07/25-07/29

From Ms. Lauren –

Hello, alll!

I am so excited to be teaching your girls’ in the Girls’ Leadership Camp next week!  A list with details is below my note here!

In the first days, I will guide the girls through a journey of self inquiry through creative projects such as creating a journal, which we will use through the camp, a collage and self portrait, poetry and more.  Through these projects, we will discuss ideas surrounding self-esteem, goal setting, time and stress management and work on finding or improving our voices through sharing our work.  The girls will have an open and accepting forum to express themselves, kindly and respectfully give and receive feedback and further develop an understand of themselves and others.

The girls will also build new relationships with the others in the camp.  I will guide them through activities that will build effective communication skills and aid in conflict resolution.  Each day will allow for an abundance of meaningful interactions in addition to the time for self discovery.

Then, we will look at how we can share all of the wonderful qualities within ourselves with the world to make it an even better, brighter place. Each of the girls will create a mixed media, intricate and thoughtful collage with their dream for themselves about how they themselves will “be the change we wish the see in the world.”

My goal is for each of the girls to enjoy themselves as they create, build relationships and gain a deep understanding that they are smart, strong, beautiful and incredibly capable of making a difference in our world.

We are about to embark on a WONDERFUL, FUN week!  Here are some details:

  • Camp is M-F from 9a-2p in the Flamingo Classroom.
  • I will have a water bottle, hat and t-shirt for everyone.
  • Please have each of the girls bring several photos of themselves alone, with their family and their friends.
  • If you have any magazines or printed materials we can use for collage, that would be wonderful!
  • On Friday, please wear a bathing suit and bring a towel.  We’ll head over to the splash pad to enjoy a little fun in the water together and celebrate new friendships.

Thank you all so, so much for being involved in this!  It’s going to be an amazing experience for your daughter!



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