Much of education is spent on how to make a living versus how to make a life.  Listen to then 13 year old Logan LaPlante deliver an incredible presentation on what education means to him –

TEDex: Hack Schooling by Logan LaPlante, 13 Years Old

When you were the age of your children or the children that you teach, what did you want to be when you grew up?  What made you feel like you wanted to and were able to do this?

How can we encourage a happy, healthy way to make a life rather than “making a living”?

What are some ways, both within and outside of the classroom, that we can encourage this mindset with the kids in our lives?  Consider LaPlante’s example of skiing the mountain as it relates to education–how can you provide kids with experiences that are not on the path that was already laid but encourage them to be their own trail-blazers, learning and leaving a new path as they enjoy the ride?

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