Back in 2013, the book Free to Learn by Peter Gray was published.  Peter started the Sudbury School in Massachusetts–a school where children have complete responsibility for their own education.  His book discusses the history of education and our current system.  Through reading, it is evident how life has changed but our motivations to learn have not.

The link below features and interview with Peter on the KERA, NPR’s Dallas affiliate.  He discusses some of the main points of his book.

Peter Grey on NPR Dallas Affiliate KERA

We have long considered the idea of hosting a book club at our school for parents and teachers.  This has always been the book that I would like to read with everyone first.  When I read it back in 2013, it helped to further shape our school’s philosophy and curriculum.  It has some wonderful discussion points that really cause pause and deep consideration of education in general and our daily practices as a society.

If you are interested in participating in a book club, please let us know.


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