Sight. Smell. Touch. Taste. Sound.  From the very first day of life, our bodies are meant to explore our world.


Newborn babies are constantly taking in their new world through primarily touch, sight and sound. And, it seems, newly mobile toddlers experience everything they see by their sense of taste, as they put everything into their mouths. As children grow, most enjoy immersing themselves in water, sand, mud, paint or just about anything they can sink their hands into. Especially in infancy, toddlerhood and early childhood, our five senses are the means in which we experience the world around us and learn about our own bodies.

There are many reasons why sensory play is important for preschoolers. The benefits of sensory activities enrich and extend into facets of learning that most of us would never even realize.  Providing these opportunities for children to actively learn and use their senses as they explore their world is crucial to brain development as it helps to build nerve connections in the brain’s pathways.

Children learn best through play, and sensory play allows for maximum exposure to the experience.  Sensory play increases cognitive skills, strengthens fine motor skills and can calm an over-stimulated nervous system.  And, it can be complex and messy, but it can also be as simple (and beneficial to development!) as playing with sand and water.

Summer is the perfect time to engage in some sensational sensory play!  And, if you want your child to have an immersive experience, but would rather keep the mess outside of the house, we have the perfect camp for your family!  The theme of our first week of Miniput, Liliput and Traveler camps is Sensational Explorations!

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