2 to 3 Years Old
(Do not need to be potty trained. Extended hours are not available for this age group.)
M – F, 9a – 2p
Lupine Lane’s Miniput Camps allow toddlers to thrive in a safe and loving environment.  Teachers strive to ensure that each child understands that he or she is important, strong, intelligent and valued.  Our priority is that children feel comfortable in the classroom as they learn, create and grow as an individual.  We maintain low student/teacher ratios to allow ample interaction with each unique child.  We utilize an integrated, emergent approach, where teachers serve as guides for the children.  Our themes are rich and open ended, allowing children to explore and expand their thoughts and ideas as they process lessons, classroom materials and activities.  Each day will be an exploration of the theme through art, literacy, math, science, group and individual time and, of course and perhaps most vitally, play!
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Passport to the World

Ciao, Bambino! | June 5 – 9 | Explore Italian culture including making pasta and pizza from scratch, creating beautiful stained glass collages, a gondola and a Venetian Carnival Mask!

Bonjour, France! | June 12 – 16 | Enjoy French culture by making crepes, painting Monet’s Waterlilies, creating a Picasso self portrait and an Eiffel Tower!

Guten Tag, Germany! | June 19 – 23 | Learn all about Germany through making and tasting Bavarian Pretzels, making cuckoo clocks and acting out fairy tales!

Cheerio, Great Britain! | June 26 – June 30 | Explore England by making a double decker bus and a King’s Guard, sip tea, make crumpets and learn the Irish jig!

My Country Tis of Thee: America | July 5 – 7 | Enjoy American summertime traditions by making a firework masterpiece while sipping lemonade and making apple pie!

Viva Mexico! | July 10 – 14 | Embrace Mexican culture through making maracas, a paper mache piñata, homemade tortillas and tostadas!

The Land Down Under: Australia | July 17 – 21 | Dive into down under by making coral from the Great Barrier Reef, a Didgeridoo and a model of the Sydney Opera House.

We’re Roaming in the Rainforest!: South America | July 24 – 28 | Learn all about South American culture through making rain sticks, worry dolls and enjoying empanadas.

Beach Party in the Island Nations | July 31 – August 4 | Learn about island culture through making tie dye, an Easter Island head sculpture and Key Lime Pie!

Konnichiwa, Japan! | August 7 – 11 | Zen out by making a Zen Garden, cherry blossom trees, origami, a Kokeshi doll and sushi!

Ni Hao, China! | August 14 – 18 | Lanterns light up the classroom! Explore the Orient through learning Mandarin words, creating paper mache dragons and fried rice!

The Wonders of India | August 21 – 25 | Celebrate India’s colorful culture through creating vibrant chalk art Rangoli, Diwali lanterns, batiking and making Naan!

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