Elisa Farrell

I grew up in Houston, Texas with my parents and a younger sister. In college I studied television and film at the University of North Texas. I earned my Master of Arts in Teaching at Hamline University in St. Paul, Minnesota. My teaching license is in Elementary Education with a specialty in Social Studies.

As a teacher, my overall goal is to inspire my students to love learning. I believe this love of learning will grow into a lifelong pursuit.  Education should be a personal journey taken by each student towards being a critical thinking adult whom can contribute positively to society and their community.

I believe that all students can learn as long as they are given the chance to take risks in a safe place where they are allowed to make mistakes. In my experience, students work best when their teachers take the role of a guide for their students to help them on their journey to learning, rather than an all-knowing-teacher. An effective teacher should have the following qualities: patience, sense of humor, ability to learn from mistakes, and humility. Recognize that you are not always the expert; often teachers learn from students, parents and others.

In general, my goals for my students are for them to be self-sufficient, to enjoy learning, and to think critically. I want my students to realize their talents and to pursue them. I want them to be okay with making mistakes knowing they learn from them. My goal is for my students to be life-long learners.

In my life outside of education, I own and run a local music and dance promotion company called Austin Honky Tonkers LLC. The company mission is to bring musicians, dancers and lovers of Honky Tonk music together. I teach Texas Two-Step Lessons twice a week at local music venues. When I’m not teaching, dancing or listening to local music I enjoy kayaking, rock climbing and hiking.


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